In addition to protecting your eyesight, sunglasses are one of the most important accessories. Choosing the right pair to suit the shape of your face and your style can be tricky.


1. Define the shape of your face
To choose the shape of glasses, you first need to define the shape of your face. Different forms of sunglasses suit different faces. The desired effect is a balanced appearance, so choose ones, the shape of which is opposite to the shape of your face. For more information, we recommend reading our guide 5 Steps To Determine Your Face Shape.


2. Select the shape of the glasses
Once you have determined the shape of your face, you should understood which shapes of sunglasses will fit your style and character. Although the main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes, they can also be a stylish accessory to your appearance.
3. Specify the frame size
Sunglasses look best when they fit right on the face. Smaller frames fit nicely to smaller faces and vice versa. The frames have 3 sizes:
  • Bridge distance
  • Lens width
  • Temple width

These dimensions are also written on the inside of the sunglasses as three consecutive numbers.To be able to choose the right size, you can find the size of each pair in the "Sizing" section in our shop.

4. Color selection
While the choice of frame color entirely depends on your taste and preference, the color of the lens determine the different contrast of the sunglasses. For more information, we recommend reading our guide How To Choose The Perfect Lens Color.
    5. Other features
    When choosing glasses, consider other lens features such as polarization and UV protection. We believe blocking reflective glare is essential for anyone, so we use only CR-39 Polarized lens that are also engineered to block 100% of all harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers, in short UV 400, to achieve the best protection for your eyes.